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Labiaplasty Turkey

Labiaplasty Turkey

Why Would someoene get a Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty, is one of the most googled cosmetic surgery procedures. It has become very popular over the last decade.

Women may choose to have a labiaplasty for the following reasons:

  • Concerns with appearance due to the size, discoloration, or length of the inner or outer labia,
  • Concerns with intercourse, such as pain, pulling, discomfort, and irritation,
  • Concerns during physical activities, such as pain, pulling, discomfort, and irritation,
  • If you experience any of the outlined concerns, you may wish to discuss how labiaplasty could benefit you with Dr. Saygan-Karamürsel in a private consultation.

Concerns About Having a Large Labia

Some women may be particularly concerned about the size of their labia minora (inner lips) either because they are asymmetrical or because they loosely protrude through the labia majora (outer lips).

Labioplasty surgery aims to reduce the size of one or both labia minora so that they will not be visible between the labia majora. This is also known as the "Barbie vagina esthetic".

The result is a youthful looking labia that do not create any physical discomfort, boosting confidence and comfort.

How do you know if you need a labiaplasty?

Patients with the following complaints mostly apply for labiaplasty in Turkey:

  • Chronic irritation and pain caused by loose labia,
  • Recurrent vaginal infections,
  • Decreased self esteem due to the appearance of labia,
  • Asymmetry between labia minora.

Does labiaplasty make you tighter?

The excess labial tissue will be trimmed on one or both sides to make them tighter. If vaginal rejuvenation and tightening is necessary, additional vaginoplasty procedure may be performed concommitantly.

Does labiaplasty reduce pleasure?

No nerves are damaged during the procedure and therefore the sensation will not be lost after surgery. In contrast sexual pleasure may be increased due to increased self esteem and decreased pain due to stretching of the labia during intercourse.

Labiaplasty in Turkey

Is there an alternative to labiaplasty

There are some non invasive medical esthetic procedures such as Laser and ThermiVa proposed as an alternative to surgery for the labia, but they are not as effective and the results are not as dramatic as a labiaplasty procedure.

How long does labiaplasty take to heal?

It takes 2-4 weeks to return to daily activities and 6-8 weeks to return to swimming and sexual intercourse.

Is labiaplasty surgery painful?

There is little pain after labiaplasty procedure that can be managed by ice-packs, pain killer medications and some rest during the first week. Most patients are fully recovered within a few weeks after the procedure.

Labiaplasty Istanbul Results

Undergoing labiaplasty surgery can have the following positive effects for patients:

  • Improved self-confidence thanks to the youthful appearance of their labia,
  • Increased physical comfort because of excess labia tissue being removed,
  • Improved sexual experiences because of reduced anxiety about their labia appearance and decreased pain caused by labial stretching.


What happens at a labiaplasty consultation?

Getting a genital esthetic surgical procedure is a sensitive topic. Therefore we try to create a private and friendly atmosphere for you to discuss all the questions in your mind with Dr. Saygan-Karamursel during your first visit. You will have a thorough gynecological examination during this visit. All the genital cosmetic procedures are personalised and designed for each patient’s individual needs in our clinic.

Labiaplasty in Turkey

Labiaplasty in Turkey is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the the labia minora (inner labia). It can be done under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia.

The surgery typically takes around 30 minutes to perform and most patients experience a very fast recovery, returning to daily activities and work within a week.

The patients can go home on the same day after surgery after having some rest in the clinic.

There are several techniques used during a labiaplasty procedure. Dr. Saygan Karamürsel has a tailored approach to each patient and the preoperative drawings and incisions are made according to individual patient needs. Clitoral hood reduction and/or perineoplasty may be necessary as a concommitant procedure for a more balanced and esthetic result.

Deciding if you would like to have labiaplasty surgery is an important decision that Dr. Saygan Karamürsel, one of the leading experts in the field of cosmetic genital surgery, can help you to make. Supported by expert nurses, Dr. Saygan-Karamürsel’s clinic is a supportive and safe environment in which many women undergo labiaplasty surgery and achieve great results.

Labiaplasty Cost Turkey

What are the risks of labiaplasty?

As with every surgical procedures there are some risks after a labiaplasty procedure although they are very rare:

  • Bleeding,
  • Swelling and hematoma formation,
  • Infection,
  • Excessive scarring,
  • Dehishence (seperation of incisions).

Labiaplasty Cost Turkey

This depends on the hospital and the additional procedures necessary and you will be given a detailed information after your initial visit with Dr. Saygan-Karamürsel.

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Burcu Karamürsel, MD
Dr. Burcu Karamürsel
Burcu Karamürsel, MD
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