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Dr. Burcu KaramürselObstetrician, Gynecologist, Genital Esthetic Surgeon in Turkey

Contracted Institutions

We continue to work on corporate agreements with all private insurance companies and banks. Contracted unit prices are applied over TTB until our agreements are completed. All credit cards are valid in the practice.

Zurich Insurance, Ziraat Insurance, İş Bank, Central Bank, TBMM, Ray Insurance, Ziraat Bank, PTT, Mapfre, HDI, Halk Insurance, Halkbank, Güneş Insurance, Groupama, Generali, Eureko Insurance, Demir Insurance, Axa Insurance, Ankara Insurance, Ankara Bar Association, Anadolu Sigorta, Acıbadem, ACE European, Aksigorta.

Private Health Insurance Policy Holders; All private health insurance companies leave policyholders free to choose a doctor and to be examined and intervened in a free practice. In this condition, the policyholder can get back all or a certain part of the inspection fee (this option is stated in your policy) by releasing the invoice received after the inspection / intervention to the insurance company.

If your insurance requires a form to be filled by the doctor, bring this form with you. As a result, all private health insurance policyholders can easily have their examinations, interventions and surgeries done.

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Burcu Karamürsel, MDDr. Burcu KaramürselObstetrician, Gynecologist, Genital Esthetic Surgeon in Turkey
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